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Tokyo Ryuken Corporation was founded with the aim of further developing the aerodynamic development technology and know-how that has been developed over many years in the aerospace field, and to provide new technology and services to assist various companies and research institutions worldwide.
Here are some of the achievements since the foundation of the company in February 2009.

Operational results 2024

    1. April.
      • '3D-Printing Curved Honeycomb Panels' patent renewed.
      • S1 Automotive company Device for measuring car body surface pressure (resin 3D printing) Delivered
      • other (esp. people and abstract matters)
    2. Mar.
      • JAXA Aeronautical Research Institute, Transonic Wind Tunnel Test System, design delivered.
      • Delivery of an electric engine simulator to JAXA Aeronautical Research Institute.
      • other (esp. people and abstract matters)
    3. February (start of the 16th term of the Tokyo Ryuken).
      • JAXA Aeronautical Research Institute, Design for passenger aircraft wind tunnel test main landing gear model, delivered.
      • Meeting with a domestic rocket venture to discuss supersonic wind tunnel test models.
      • other (esp. people and abstract matters)
    4. January (end of 15th term of Tokyo Ryuken).
      • JAXA Aerospace Research Laboratory Delivery of strength calculations for a main landing gear model for passenger aircraft wind tunnel testing.
      • S2 Automobile company Delivery of resin 3D-Printing wind tunnel test model.
      • other (esp. people and abstract matters)

Delivery record of wind tunnel test models.


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